Big D And The Kids Table

Big D And The Kids Table


Big D and the Kids Table front man David McWane has said, “There are people who want to be in a band and then there are musicians.” Once in a while a group comes along that decides to make music simply because they have no other choice - they are addicted musicians.  For the past eighteen years Boston’s Big D And The Kids Table has proven just that, showing they truly are ‘Built Up From Nothing’.  McWane describes the group as – “We’re modern American gypsies," And you can feel that scene in their wildest and most explosive / creative records yet – STOMP & STROLL.


“The person who put it best is [Warped Tour founder] Kevin Lyman," McWane explains. "A girl once asked him if we were a ‘big band’, Kevin replied, ‘I’ll tell you this, they’ve been around for 14 years and each year they’re relevant.’ I think that’s a great description of what this band is all about.”

“Our new records are by far our best yet,” says McWane;  “It’s a bomb!  Our energy writing it was incredible. As friends, we had a blast; as musician’s we knew exactly what we wanted to craft; and as tour mates, we were all on the same page, writing songs that would make the coming tour a slaughtering battle on stage.  We love energy, and that’s what we wrote.”

Big D and the Kids Table explosively started in 1996 in Boston Massachusetts. A group of hungry 18 year old kids, Big D began their DIY ethic that now 17 years later are still known for. As the band began playing 220 shows a year, they took themselves over seas pioneering squat tours over the US, Canada, Mexico, England & Europe. Now Big D has moving east touring Japan, China and soon South East Asia. Big D has proven that their persistence is their gift and that musicians cannot be stopped.


“I personally prefer shows where you have to prove yourself,” McWane adds when asked which of the band’s thousands of live performances stick out in his head. “The Warped Tours and the Dropkick Murphys tours that we did were cool because we got to play shows where you have to prove yourself. Like when your band first starts out, you get that same first-show anxiety,” he continues. “When you play the shows where everyone in the place loves you, then it turns more into entertaining—and that’s cool, but that’s not where I personally come from,” he elaborates. “That might sound kind of weird, but I like the underdog shows more, because they add a little bit of spice and kick to it.”  Armed with two new records, as youth driven, honest speaking, furious and fun as STOMP & STROLL are, Big D will undoubtedly get the opportunity, in sweaty clubs all over the world, to step up to the plate and prove themselves all over again .

“We want to wake up the masses with these records, remind them that they’re more than just alive; and make their Mondays into Saturday nights.  Lovers of our sound better get ready ‘cause no one's gonna help them in the front row of this coming tour.  If you wanna relax – head to the back, because this is gonna be fun” - says McWane.