Life is full of transitions. Everyone experiences the pains of growing up, leaving the past behind you and focusing on the future ahead, all the while trying to enjoy as much of the present as possible. It means forging new relationships and making those ever difficult “adult” decisions. These sentiments echo deeply through out I’ll Be The Tornado, the newest offering from Dads.

Emerging from the underground DIY scene, Dads have always taken a less than conventional path. Early in their time together, they began relying on a two-piece line-up of guitarist Scott Scharinger and John Bradley as the rare singing drummer. Although much of their earlier recordings embody a style of music all too often dismissed as niche, it suggested the potential for something much more.

Following their signing to 6131 Records in mid-2013, Dads released an EP entitled Pretty Goodand things began to shift. Despite only containing four songs, the EP exhibited an eclectic and interesting songwriting prowess that quickly gained the band much more notoriety. More frequently, Dads found themselves playing on actual stages and not basement floors. While not always the easiest transition to make, they knew the opportunities before them were too great to pass up.

Around the same time, Dads opted to transplant from New Jersey to Ann Arbor, Michigan, moving into their own places instead of sharing rooms in Bradley’s parents’ basement. The change of environment did wonders for the band, breathing new life into their writing process and reinvigorating their personal lives. The two put their usual relentless touring on hold and began writing the full length that would become I’ll Be The Tornado.

As with many other aspects of the band, Dads knew the time was right to think outside of the box and record with a more experienced producer. Enter Neil Strauch, a fantastic musical mind who has previously worked with the likes of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Iron & Wine, and Owen. As the recording took shape, Strauch helped the band achieve their forward-thinking vision, giving their songs a warmth and depth not present on any of their previous releases.

I’ll Be The Tornado is evidence of the transformative past year for Dads. Lyrically, Bradley is as endearingly candid as ever, yet his honesty confirms a newfound maturity and willingness to grow. The songs exemplify the sound the band is known for creating, while also fulfilling their potential to make something much grander. With I’ll Be The Tornado, Dads perfectly encapsulate where they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re headed.